MDD Clinical Program

MDD Clinical Program

A combination of luxurious treatments and therapies to show your skin the love it needs! Our MDD Clinical Program is here if you’re looking to indulge in beauty.

MDD Pro System

A professional MD Dermatics 3 different luxurious therapies to enhance facial. An exotic pampering ingredient that soothes, nourish and combat the signs of premature aging. (calming/oxygen therapy/purebright) The MDD Pro is three different luxurious therapies combined into an enhanced facial! It contains an exotic ingredient to soothe, nourish, and calm your skin, along with being able to combat premature aging.

MDD BioCellulose System

Our MDD BioCellulose System will hydrate your skin thoroughly as it is highly hydrophilic, while at the same time having whitening properties. (whitening/Hydrating)