Back System

Back System

Skincare isn’t just about your face and neck, but your back too! Our Back System has a range of treatments to brighten, beautify and rejuvenate the area.

LIPO Back Relax

Improve the aesthetic look of your back with LIPO Back Relax. You can reduce the amount of fat in the area to give it a more defined appearance.

RevitaPeel Full Back

Rejuvenate your entire back by giving the skin a bright glow through our RevitaPeel Full Back treatment. This can leave your skin feeling tight and youthful!

RevitaPeel Half Back

Dull and tired skin can be a nuisance to many of us, and RevitaPeel Half Back is a treatment that can restore youthfulness and enhance your skin’s appearance.

Back Diamond Shine Whitening

Whiten your back and give it a diamond-like shine with our Back Diamond Shine Whitening treatment!

Back Acne Clearing

Acne can appear on our backs too! Our back acne treatment will exfoliate and cleanse the area to minimise the risk of further breakouts.