Retain your youth, and stay rejuvenated with our wide range of carefully curated treatments. Maintain the beauty life has given you with our MD Maintenance series!

AcneDefy Facial

Acne is a pain! And no one understands that more than us. The AcneDefy Facial detoxifies your skin, having anti-bacterial properties to help you fight acne. This is done through our plasma AcneClear therapy.

Classic Facial

Hydrate and refresh your skin through our Classic Facial! We use cold sonic therapy to improve hydration in your skin, so you’ll leave feeling revitalized.

Essential Facial (no shoulder massage)

A facial that not only cleanses but also helps you relax! Come for an Essential Facial after a busy day to set your mind at ease while giving your face the love it deserves.

Student Facial (no face & shoulder massage)

The stress of academia and late nights can lead to clogged pores! With the student facial (for students only!), you can get your skin cleansed and minimise the risk of pimples or oily skin.