Customized Therapeutic

Customized Therapeutic

We all want different things out of life, and the same goes for skincare! This is why we have Customized Therapeutic, so each treatment can be personalized to your needs and wants.

Delicate CalmRX (no machine)

If you have sensitive skin, are pregnant, or do not prefer to use a machine, then our Delicate CalmRX is for you! You can even customise the mask to be used that will go along with our super gentle facial. Customized clinical maskCustomized double clinical mask (face)Customized double clinical mask (face & neck)

GuaSha Detoxifying Facial

GuaSha is a massage technique that focuses on detoxifying and boosting blood circulation. The GuaSha Detoxifying Facial also includes Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to reduce bloating.

SPA Facial (no extraction)

Facials can help you destress too! Choose the SPA Facial if rest and relaxation are your goals.