Enlarged pores are the results of improper care for your pores. Without proper exfoliation and care, pores get clogged up and the pore walls actually expand causing permanent damage. Source : Our Beauty Consultant says Blackheads and dry skin causes your pores to look bigger than they are! Our Aesthetician be able to keep your pores clean, which in turns causes your pore sizes to look smaller.


Dull skin happens for a number of reasons. Poor blood circulation, a lack of sleep, Vitamin C deficiency and a poor skincare habit are just some of the reasons it may happen. But the simplicity of the treatment of dull skin lies in a few products that can turn dull skin into bright glowing skin. Source : Our Beauty Consultant says It is never too late to have brighter glowing skin. Moisturize, renew and protect your skin. Speak to your MD Dermatics consultant to help you plan out a good skincare regime.